Monsoon floods homes in west Phoenix neighborhood

The fans are on full blast and the shoes are waiting in the sun to dry.

All of this as Leonard Begay takes a break from cleaning after every room of his home was flooded with rain and water.

"How long were you cleaning for?" I asked.

"I bet... a good four hours until one o'clock in the morning," he said.

Leonard and many others in the area of 19th Avenue and Indian School dealt with the aftermath of Tuesday's massive downpour.

Three inches of rain fell in the area in a short period of time and left water lines, both in and out of Leonard's home. The flooding took over the yards in the back and front.

"This was all like a puddle, like a swimming pool or something," he said.

It's a similar story just up the street.

"It was a couple inches, you could see it in the street; water everywhere," Adam Myrsiades said.

Although Adam Myrsiades got lucky that the flood water didn't travel inside, he had a different set of problems when buckets of water began leaking from the roof.

"I was hoping the roof wouldn't cave in was my first thought," he said.

Both men say they can handle the damage and of course, they're happy it wasn't any worse. It's a positive attitude that's necessary when a lot of work still needs to be done.

"We're gonna continue cleaning up until probably this afternoon," Begay said.