Motocross champion donates kidney to Valley boy

He's 12 years old, in the seventh grade and is a bit of a superman.

"It all started when I had strep throat, which turned into septic shock and went into the hospital for six and a half months," Logan Carson said.

Logan was 8 years old when he got sick. The septic shock spread through his blood, infecting his leg, fingers and eye.

"I started off at Cardon Children's, then I went off to San Diego for Rady Children's, then I came back for Phoenix Children's," he said.

Today, Logan is doing great following a chance encounter with a motocross champion named Adrienne. She was so inspired by Logan that when they met at her nephew's motocross race, she donated her kidney in 2015.

"Just super happy to get the new kidney," Logan said. "Lots of sleepovers were going to happen, I was going to hang out with friends a lot longer, stay up maybe later, not have to be hooked up to dialysis."

Logan met his hero and had an opportunity to thank her in person, and this weekend, he has an opportunity to inspire others. Logan will emcee the upcoming Ignite Hope Candlelight Walk at Phoenix Children's Hospital.

The 1.1 mile walk that starts at North High School has become a Valley holiday tradition, one Logan is glad to be a party of.

It's a perfect opportunity to put a spotlight on his hero.

"Thank you a lot," Logan said.

Ignite Hope Candlelight Walk