Murder investigation underway after police find body in roadway

LAVEEN, Ariz. (FOX 10) - Detectives are trying to figure out who killed someone and dumped their body in the middle of the road in Laveen.

Maricopa County deputies were on the scene around lunchtime to what they describe as a body found shot in the road. Elliot Road, just east of 35th Ave, isn't as rural as it used to be. Still a lot of dirt roads - and one neighbor says it carries a lot of secrets.

It's something that Jack Helmkay would rather not be used to, but in his 15 years living here, this is not the first crime scene in front of his Elliot Road home.

"[It's] the first one I've seen in probably 5 or 6 years, " Helmkay said. "I've lived here for a long time before they put the barricades up [and] a lot of times, people would come by here and dump bodies and cars were burning all the time."

He understands why.

"Like hey, we gotta get rid of it, here's a dirt road, very few houses," Helmkay said. "Better here than on like Northern Ave and 35th Ave."

Maricopa County sheriffs worked into the afternoon to find out why they found someone in the middle of the road with a fatal gunshot wound.

"I figured some kid had wrecked on his motorcycle or something," Helmkay said. "Because there's a lot of kids that run up and down here with their motorcycle. Then I saw a body laying down there."

Maricopa County deputies didn't have a lot to share this afternoon in terms of details. They anticipate the investigation will continue on into the evening hours.