NEIGHBORHOOD DRAMA: Shoving match occurs over a colorful home in Peoria

Earlier in November, FOX 10 Phoenix profiled a colorful home in Peoria, where Ernest Leas used 100 different colors to paint his home. Now, tensions are escalating in the neighborhood over the home.

During an interview with FOX 10 Phoenix's Steve Krafft, he said he painted his house in rainbow colors for artistic reasons. Now, there was a reported shoving match between neighbors that took place on Sunday. According to neighbors, there was an altercation between Leas and Harry Domas, who lives next door.

Domas, who lives next door, said the color scheme is not about art at all.

"He is using that as an excuse that it's art," said Domas. "That's not the case. He wants to irritate everyone around here."

Mary Ellen Hawks said Leas has parked an old ambulance in front of her house since October 9, nearly six weeks ago, to harass her.

"We know Ernie [Leas] gets upset when he feels the neighbors are against him," said Hawks. "We are not against him. We pray for him. I keep hoping one day we will come home and the ambulance will be gone."

Neighbors said so far, three homeowners have moved out rather than deal with Leas. Peoria Police officials said they are doing what they can.

"We have been dealing with this house for over a year for violation, debris violations, signs, weeds and debris," said Jay Davies with Peoria Police Management Services.

On Monday, police officers were seen in front of the house, and police cars were seen cruising the area.