New bodycam video shows altercation involving 84-year-old grandmother and police officers

New details have been released, in connection with an incident involving an 84-year-old woman in Mesa.

The woman's family claims she was hurt during an altercation involving police, roughed up by officers for no reason. Mesa Police, however, say they were simply protecting her.

On Wednesday, police body camera video of the incident were released. The video was blurred by Mesa Police.

The incident happened on February 14. Mesa Police were outside of a home on E. Indigo Street, responding to a call from a mother who says her son was threatening to shoot him.

Officers asked the woman repeatedly to come to where they are. It was not clear what she was saying to officers, but the woman eventually made her way across the street. When shes closer, however, she doesn't appear to know what was going on, referencing officers being behind the cars like a movie.

The woman turned around briefly, but officers pulled her back, and several officers not surround the woman.

"You are not following my directions," said one officer.

Seconds later, the woman was thrown to the floor, and two officers worked to constrain the woman.

One day later, the woman's family shared photos on Facebook, showing the woman, very bruised and cut, in the hospital.

A woman named Ashley Hahn explained, in her post, that her grandmother has suffered through four strokes, and is cognitively impaired, which is why she didn't appear to know what was going on, nor could she stand still. Officers, according to Hahn's post, were told beforehand to not question her, for the aforementioned reason.

Mesa Police Chief Ramon Batista has issued a statement on the police department's Facebook

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