New details surrounding Casa Grande shooting that ended in alleged shooter's self-inflicted death

Shocking new details have been released on the three people involved in a shooting in Casa Grande Wednesday that injured two people, and ended with the alleged shooter taking his own life.

According to court records, the shooter's wife had just filed for divorce two days ago, and the man his wife was with during the shooting had just ended his marriage as well.

The female shooting victim, identified as 39-year-old Yvette Rodriguez, is a civilian employee for the Casa Grande Police Department who was just put on administrative leave a week ago, following an internal investigation that was launched over accusations of Rodriguez mishandling records at a prior job.

Court records indicate Rodriguez had just filed for divorce from Juan Rodriguez, the day before he opened fire on her, and the off-duty police officer she was with.

"I'm sad that it had to come to all this. I'm sorry," said Rhonda Maguire, who lives next door to Juan and Yvette Rodriguez. She said in the past, she witnessed the husband's violent side, as he chased a neighbor down the street.

"It was unbelievable that a man of that stature -- he was big, 200 lbs, chasing a kid who was 5' 3", maybe 120 lbs, with a gun," said Maguire.

On Wednesday, police said Juan shot his wife, while she was in a pickup with Corporal Robert Price. According to court records, Yvette filed for divorce on Tuesday, wanting to end the 19-year marriage.

While Casa Grande Police did not elaborate on the victims' relationship to each other, two sources are telling FOX 10 Phoenix that the two were romantically involved.

Meanwhile, Price's divorce from his wife was finalized last month.

After the shooting, police said Juan Rodriguez took his own life, while he was stopped on the Loop 202.

Police said it appears he opened fire on the truck's driver side, where Corporal Price was sitting. Price was shot several times in the upper torso and leg, and has undergone several surgeries. He has been moved out of the ICU, but is expected to remain hospitalized. Meanwhile, Yvette Rodriguez was shot once in the back, and could be released from the hospital by Friday.

"She was a kind, good person. Very good person," said Maguire. "She didn't deserve that, and he was aggressive and no one reached out to help him."

Casa Grande Police officials say the shooting is still under investigation, and the internal investigation into Yvette Rodriguez is still being conducted. Meanwhile, Mesa Police are investigating Juan Rodriguez's death.