New film festival to be held in Peoria

PEORIA, Ariz. (KSAZ) - Film folks all around Arizona are rejoicing at the news of a brand new film festival in the Valley - just ask Jason Carney, the new executive director of the Peoria Film Fest.

"Peoria really gave us an opportunity to create a festival really with the sense of identity for the city it's in," said Carney. "[It's] really a first-class town that I think people need to learn more about."

Carney served as the festival director and the executive director for the Phoenix Film Foundation since 2012.

"The Phoenix Film Fest has always been about encompassing the whole Valley and that's what it'll always be," said Carney. "We want everybody to see the Phoenix Film Festival."

The event will be held over three days from October 19-21 and will screen a mix of independent and upcoming studio releases.

Carney said tickets will be on sale around Labor Day.