New phone case will prevent iPhone shattered screens

It might scare you to put this phone case to the test, but it works.

It's called bkeeni and Katie Casey is the creator behind it.

"It doesn't compromise the feel of it," she said. "It's like that nice thin feel on your phone and then that raised upper lip, so it is a way to stop it when you're holding it."

She got the idea while teaching and seeing her students' iPhone screens cracked and broken.

"They would just all have these shattered screens like, 'How are you even carrying that phone?'" she said.

Katie contacted her friend, who manages a manufacturing company in China, with some thoughts.

"I was like, 'Hey, what do you think of this idea?'" she asked. "Is it even possible? Several design changes later, we came up with this version."

Katie says no matter how you drop your phone, bkeeni keeps it protected.

"It fits super snug without coming off, without coming out of your jeans pocket," Katie said.

The case costs $24.99, which comes in a useful package.

"Just open it, you push it open and then you flip it around and then it's a phone stand and it fits both ways," Katie said. "It's really great for the airplane, especially."

The cases fit all versions of the iPhone 6. They're currently working on creating a bkeeni for the iPhone 5.

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