New Year's Eve fireworks canceled in Tempe due to dry conditions

TEMPE, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- Things will be a little different this year for the New Year's celebration in Tempe as city officials say it has been determined that it is too dry to launch fireworks from "A" Mountain -- but the fun won't come to a halt.

There's definitely some mixed feelings from business owners on Mill Avenue. Some say no affect and others, not so much.

Bringing in 2019 on Mill Avenue won't be the same.

"The fireworks are a big deal on Mill Avenue. It's New Year's Eve tradition going on for years and years and years," said Steve Goumas, director of operations.

Dry conditions are to blame because "A" Mountain is a preserve. Plants and brush could not be removed.

There were three proposed back up plans to the fireworks in Tempe. Two were at Tempe Beach Park and the other at the Mill Avenue bridge, but they weren't approved by the downtown Tempe authority.

"I think it's a irresponsible to not have a solid plan in place because so many businesses on it and the reputation of Tempe depends on everyone," said Goumas.

The fireworks said to draw in thousands of people, not only the normal Arizona State University crowd.

All businesses seem to agree that they will still have a crowd here to bring in 2019, but they do hope the fireworks will work out next year.