No Trump rally in Phoenix for now; ACLU files lawsuit pending a possible presidential visit

PHOENIX -- President Donald Trump will not be coming to the Valley this month to stump for Republican candidates in this November's election. Word came in legal papers in connection with a lawsuit filed against the city of Phoenix by the American Civil Liberties Union.

The ACLU is seeking a court order to stop the city from using what it calls "excessive force" against protesters at political rallies.

The lawsuit was filed after skirmishes in the street outside the Phoenix Convention Center when President Trump visited the Valley last summer, specifically the hot August night of August 22.

The lawsuit claims police fired some 590 projectiles, including tear gas into a crowd of protesters. That crowd included elderly people, disabled people, children and pregnant women, according to the lawsuit.

The ACLU filed the suit in U.S. District Court in Phoenix on behalf of two activist groups: the Puente Human Rights Movement and Poder in Action. They believe police used excessive force and want a court order so it doesn't happen again.

On Thursday, we learned in a court filing "the city of Phoenix has confirmed that President Trump will not be appearing in September 2018. No appearance by the President in Phoenix is currently scheduled."

Now the question is: what comes next?