Non-profit Hushabye Nursery in Phoenix provides help to substance-exposed babies and their caregivers

A non-profit organization in the Valley is about to reach a big milestone: helping their 75th baby recover after being exposed to opioids since the facility opened last fall.

"We are a recovery center for babies who are exposed to opioids and their families," said Tara Sundem, Executive Director of Hushabye Nursery.

This is the only facility like it in Arizona and one of only a handful in the nation.

"Most of the times, these families just need a little help. We say they just need a big ‘w’ or a little ‘w,’ just a win, and once they get one win, give them a second win, and once they get there, they just thrive," said Sundem.

It's about offering care and compassion with no judgments.

"Instead of our staff saying oh my gosh, I can tell you're under the influence, we say it looks like you're struggling, what can I help you with? That is a completely different way of saying we know that you just used, but where do we need to meet you."

Sundem says bottom line, it's all about keeping these babies healthy and safe, while offering the resources to help these families anyway they can.

"We'll be right there and to know that we've done that for 75 babies.. that's what.. three classrooms of kindergartners in five years – huge. Huge. To say it actually is working, what we're doing."

Hushabye Nursery is located at 3003 E. McDowell Road.


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