Numbers game: Trump claims 20,000 in crowd, city says 4,200

The valley is still buzzing after Donald Trump's big visit this past weekend.

While his words were controversial to some, it was a Tweet he wrote that was controversial to city officials.

They say the number of people in the crowd was way less than what Trump was claiming and did not break the fire code.

There is no doubt it was a huge turnout to see and hear Donald Trump for his campaign rally at the Phoenix Convention Center Saturday. But there are questions about how many showed up and did the crowd violate the maximum capacity for the ballroom?

It started with a tweet that Trump posted after the event claiming 20,000 people were in the room with a maximum of 4,200.

The next morning Trump responded to the discrepancy with another tweet saying "Convention Center officials in Phoenix don't want to admit that they broke fire code by allowing 12-15,000 people in a 4,000 code room,"

The head of the Phoenix Convention Center along with a Captain from Phoenix Fire say Trump's claims are not true. They told reporters that they were keeping track of the number of people going into the event, to make sure they did not exceed the maximum capacity allowed by fire code.

The PCC Director says he told Trump's campaign event organizers well ahead of the time the crowd would be cut off at 4,200. While the city does not control the number of tickets handed out, they do control the capacity of the crowd.

"We let the number of people based on the counts at the checkpoint; 4,169 is where we cut it off right before the event started. So at that point I would venture to guess there were a little more than a thousand people waiting outside to get in," said John Chan, PCC Director.

"Our track record for dozens of years speaks for itself, and that is our message over a random Tweet," said Capt. Mark Vanacore.

After the initial Tweet saying Phoenix officials did not want to admit they broke the fire code, Trump followed up saying convention center officials did not want people to stay out in the heat, and that is why they allowed them in.

The PCC stands by the number as just under 4,200.