OdySea Aquarium inches closer to grand opening

It's the moment we can all relate to when you move into your new home and inspect every nook and cranny.

"Asian otters are extremely curious, and they're just checking everything out, including our camera man," said Jessica Peranteau, director of animal care and education at OdySea Aquarium. "They're very tactical, so they want to touch everything that they can."

Jessica Peranteau and her team have been taking care of these otters since birth. She tells us after their mother was done raising them, humans took over by bottle feeding and even rocking them to sleep. Now, they're introducing them to their new home at OdySea Aquarium.

"They all have individual personalities just like your kids do," she said. "They're cranky when they're overtired, they let you know when they're hungry, they let you know when they want a toy, they're very playful; a lot of fun, a lot of work."

A team of animal specialists will be on hand 24 hours a day and seven days a week to make sure these guys, and all of the other sea creatures, are happy and healthy.

So when are you going to be able to see all of this cuteness for yourself? Well, a final date has not been sent yet for OdySea to open up, but I'm told it's very soon. Doors could open in a matter of just a few weeks.