Officials: We may see even more rain this winter

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- The weekend brought some heavy rains to parts of Phoenix, making it one of the wettest October days in recorded history.

Now, officials say we may see even more rain this winter, because this year is expected to be an El Nino year. While experts say they don't know exactly by how much, or when it will happen, the odds of a wet winter are just a few percentage points higher this year.

"Warmer than average Pacific waters, a lot of the times, that helps bring moisture into Arizona, which leads to a wetter winter," said Meteorologist Mark O'Malley. He was tracking the latest hurricane, Hurricane Sergio, which could hit Arizona. He said while Southern Arizona, like Tucson, may be affected by Sergio, Phoenix is in the clear.

"We are in such a deficit from the past several years, we've been in a prolonged drought, so we really do need a wet winter here," said O'Malley.

With more rain, however, comes the risk of flooding.

"Getting alerts through the National Weather Service or follow your local news station, or sign up for district alerts because they'll let you know what weather is pending in your area," said O'Malley.

Meanwhile, the Maricopa County Flood Control District is urging folks, especially those in flood-prone areas, to get flood insurance, which isn't typically covered by homeowners insurance. LaTonya Jordan-Smith says there are discounts through the National Flood Insurance or the County Flood District's website.

"They offer up to 30% to 40% discount, because of the activity and different community activities we do here to help residents be informed about their flood risk," said Jordan-Smith.

More rain will be good for Arizona as a whole, since it helps the range land for farmers and the reservoirs for our water supply.