Officials with Arizona DPS detail efforts to help keep State Fair attendees safe

With the start of the Arizona State Fair, it also means some Department of Public Safety officers will be providing security at the event, and on Sept. 23, the day the State Fair kicked off for its 2022 season, DPS officials detailed the efforts they are making to help keep fairgoers safe.

"Just making sure everyone's being safe, having fun," said Cpt. Chris Scott with the DPS Highway Patrol Division.

Many of the officers at the State Fair have worked security details at the fair for years, and through it all, they say not much has changed. Cpt. Scott himself has been working the fair for 22 years. On top of that, he has been coming to the fair since his youth.

"I've been coming with family since I was in high school, grade school," said Cpt. Scott.

According to Cpt. Scott, they have about 40 troopers on site every day, with two-person teams spread throughout the fairgrounds.

"Typical times like this, we have our dayshift. We have three two-man carts plus a supervisor cart, and they are spread across all four corners of the fairgrounds," said Cpt. Scott. "When  we have everyone here at night, we have all our teams."

There are no concerts at the fair this year, but for those nights, there are typically around 50 officers on site.

For the most part, Cpt. Scott says things don't get too crazy at the fair. Officers, however, are on site in case anything goes out of hand.

"Come to have fun, but be responsible," said Cpt. Scott. "Don't drink too much. Enjoy your time here. There's a lot of families here. We want to keep it a family environment."

The fair will run until Oct. 30.

UPDATE: DPS' Bart Graves says contracted off-duty troopers will be securing the fair.