Olmost The Weekend: Retro gamers can have fun at the Game-On Expo

This weekend, it's game on at the Phoenix Convention Center, with retro-gaming, role-playing games, animation all part of Arizona's biggest gaming event.

The Phoenix Convention Center will be hosting the 5th annual Game-on Expo Friday through Sunday. For the retro gamers, there'll be quiet an offering.

"We'll have everything from Ataris to original Nintendo, things like Tetris," said organizer Neil Kotler.

It's a gaming event people of levels of experience can enjoy.

"You don't have to be a streamer, do don't have to be an expert. We are really catering to the general person that loves video games, the family that has kids that like to play video games," said Kotler.

People can also play some of their favorite games for free, with a purchased ticket to the expo.

To take it to the next notch, people can also play dress up and participate in the costume contest on Saturday.

"Lots of people dress up as their favorite Pokemon, Mario or different video game characters," said Kotler.

There will be very special appearances as well.

We've got the original voice of Mario, who has been the voice of Mario for every single game," said Kotler. "Princess Peach and Bowzer voice actors are going to be there. The original whole cast of the Pokemon cartoon, and Team Rocket."