On National Hot Sauce Day, Avondale firefighters compete in hot sauce eating contest

AVONDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- It seems there is a day for just about everything, and on Tuesday, National Hot Sauce Day, the Avondale Fire Department, with the help from The Halal Guys, had a friendly hot sauce eating competition.

The rules were simple: the first team to finish their meal with three hot sauce packets on top wins $500 towards the charity of their choice.

"Each one of us is going to have a platter, a personal platter, and we have to put three packets of hot sauce on each platter," said R.B. MacTurk with the Avondale Fire Department. "Whichever team collectively is done first, wins."

The competition has eight members of the Avondale Fire Department going head to head.

"We have two teams," said MacTurk, referring to the station's "B" shift and "C" shift. Each having to stomach The Halal Guy's infamously hot hot sauce.

"It's 10 times spicier than a jalapeno, and two times spicier than a habanero," said Vanessa Dodds with The Halal Guys. "It definitely packs a punch but definitely elevates the platter, so everybody loves it."

The pain, in the end, is worth the reward, as the winning team receives a $500 donation to the charity of their choice. The "B" shift competing for the Avondale Fire Charities, while the "C" shift competed for the Care1st Avondale Family Resources.

In the end, the "B" shift took home the title, and the prize. The Halal Guys donated $250 to the other team's charity as well, and The Halal Guys also catered an entire meal for the entire fire house.