Operation Kemp: valley mortgage company seeks to pay off widow's home

It was a foggy morning in Florida, the scene of a tragic crash back in March.

A Black Hawk helicopter went down off the coast of the Florida panhandle.

Marine Sergeant Kerry Kemp lost his life in the crash, leaving his widow Jenna with years of mortgage payments.

Now a valley mortgage company is close to reaching it's goal of helping pay off her mortgage.

"We have been working really hard to raise funds to pay off a mortgage for one of our first-time buyers who was a widow. Her husband was killed in the Black Hawk crash in Florida," said Kay Hamilton.

Movement Mortgage has partnered up with "Brothers in Arms" to raise the money and pay off the Kemp's mortgage.

"To date we are $4,000 short of our goal for $120,000," said Hamilton.

What's amazing, the South Carolina Loan Officer for the Kemp family spearheaded the drive. When she learned one of her clients was killed she reached out to the foundation to see if they could help out the widow.

"We're just super proud and blessed, and humble to be able to participate, and it is thrilling to see the excitement of our employees," he said.

For every dollar, they raise the non-profit group "Movement Foundation" will match it with another dollar.

"We've had participation from the community, and it has just been amazing," said Hamilton.

If you'd like to donate, you can visit: www.brothersinarmsfoundation.org/operationkemp