Park West rolls out sensory-quiet holiday experience for those living with Autism

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- It's that time of year for people to go tell Santa what they want for Christmas, but for some kids, the experience can be overwhelming.

Park West, however, has come up with a way to change that.

"We try to create a Winter Wonderland for all the kids in the community, and so, they can come and get in line and they can take pictures with Santa," said Jon Yee with Park West.

Organizations like autism speaks also joining in to help heighten the Christmas experience, making a visit with Santa at the North Pole, a sensory-quiet, yet inviting environment for children who need it.

"Going to the mall, having all the chaos with the lines is hard for any kid, especially a kid with special needs," said Kerrie Mallory-Thompson with Autism Speaks. "The chaos, the lights, the music, just the overwhelming sense, so, having this opportunity for the one-on-one calm quiet experience for the kids is much needed here in the West Valley and all over the state."

FOX 10's Carmen Blackwell reports.