Party Hard Wrestling drawing fans in Downtown Mesa

NOTE: This story contains subject matter and materials that may be unsettling for some people. Discretion is advised.

Downtown Mesa has a new brand of pro wrestling, a show for the 21-and-older crowd.

Party Hard Wrestling, or PHW, is the brainchild of Brandon Reichard, who goes by the name Brandon Brains.

"I was just a guy who was a wrestling fan who wanted to see something different and I didn't see it, so I decided to make it," said Reichard.

With the help of some friends, PHW found a home at the Nile Theater in Downtown Mesa.

"We're this small little independent company," said Reichard. "We just want to make a mark on our community. From day one, we knew that we wanted Party Hard to be in Downtown Mesa because this is our community, and we love everyone in our community."

Reichard described Party Hard Wrestling.

"I guess it's professional wrestling for people who don't know that they're fans of professional wrestling," said Reichard.

The promotion bills itself as intended for mature audiences, and the 21+ suggestion is on full display in the hardcore match, which had chairs, staplers, tacks, and plenty of blood. PHW doesn't shy away from it.

"If you bring a small child, then as their parent, you're acknowledging the fact that this is intended for a mature audience," said Reichard.

PHW's main title holder goes by the name "Nicktendo".

"On and off for about six years," said Nicktendo. "I've been a pro wrestler here on the Indy circuit, mostly here in Arizona, some places in Texas and New Mexico."

It's a labor of love for Nicktendo, who drives to Mesa from Albuqurque.

"I have a son at home," said Nicktendo. "A lot of times, I'm driving out of home and he stays at home with family, so it's hard. I just want to show him as a role model -- it's not ok to give up. If he has a dream, I know I'm going to support it, and he's very supportive knowing that I'm a champion in another state."

It's not a full time gig, as almost everyone in the promotion has a day job.

"I actually manage an antique mall in the North Valley of Albuqurque," said Nicktendo. "I deal with antique dealers and stuff. It not only keeps me humble, but a primary source of income."

"I work a day job where I answer phones for a marketing company and talk to local businesses," said Reichard.

PHW just wrapped up their first season, and the party isn't stopping anytime soon.

"It's something that i really believe in, it's something that i have a very strong passion for," said Reichard. "I mean, my wife is not very happy for the most part. I eat, sleep, and breath Party Hard Wrestling."

The fanbase is growing, and the last two shows were sold out. Party Hard Wrestling is taking the summer off before they start up with their second season, in September.