Pay stub draws attention to Arizona teacher's low salary

In recent weeks, Arizona teachers salaries have come to the forefront, with teachers in the state say they are underpaid, and need a raise.

Such sentiments is a factor in the #RedforED movement, and now, an Arizona teacher has posted her pay stub on social media to drive home the point of low pay.

While the act of someone posting their pay stub and salary may be likened to boasting or bragging, the post is getting a lot of attention, since it shows how little a teacher gets paid.

"I've had hundreds of teachers say my paycheck looks just like that," said Elisabeth Milich. "I know I don't make a lot of money, but to see it in black and white, I said 'Wow! I really don't make a lot.'"

The Paradise Valley teacher makes just over $35,000 a year, before taxes.

"What you saw is not a reflection of any deductions, health insurance, pension," said Milich. "Every other week, my pay is $639. Every two weeks. That's not livable."

The social media post got plenty of support online, and it was just a simple post out of frustration.

"I still am kinda shocked that it's had the momentum that it's had," said Milich, who went on to say she was inspired by the growing #RedforED movement from Valley teachers. Many wore red a week ago in a show of solidarity. Earlier in the week, there was a protest outside a Phoenix radio station, while Governor Doug Ducey was on air.

During the radio interview, Gov. Ducey said he does hear the teachers, and he does want to pay them more. Critics, however, called the words "lip service".

Milich says if it wasn't for her husband, she would probably have had to leave the profession.

"I don't know if something were to happen to him or his job that I'd be able to stay in this profession," said Milich. "That's the reality for a lot of teachers. We are by no means trying to get rich. We're not trying to drive Mercedes and be super wealthy. We just want to do our jobs, not have to work three jobs."

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