People weigh in as Phoenix looks at bringing electric scooters to Downtown

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- They are popular in Scottsdale and Tempe, and now, Phoenix wants in on the action.

The city is looking at bringing electric scooters to parts of the city, and soon, the scooters could be gliding in to the city's Downt own area. Phoenix's Aviation and Transportation Subcommittee will discuss approving a pilot program for the eclectic scooters at a meeting on Tuesday.

At Margaret T. Hance Park in Downtown Phoenix, Elizabeth Williams says they're all for it.

"I take classes down at the Mesa Community College, and there's always the public scooters," said Williams. "People using them in the Downtown Mesa area. and they seem really convenient and easy to use/"

Jordan and Stephen say they've seen the scooters in other cities, and would love to see them Downtown.

-"A bike is a little bit too much, and a scooter is, like, I can get on it and just ride," said Jrdan.

"It's convenient because you can stop riding, get off whenever, walk back, or whatever it's just really convenient," said Steven.

The scooters have had their share of problems in the Valley. Arizona State University has a ban on them on campus and impounds the ones they find. The proposal for phoenix would be a one-year pilot program to see how things shake out.

"I know that some people have issues with them being left, and I can see that, but I don't know I feel like having additional mobility in the neighborhood would outweigh the con of having them pile up," said Williams.