Peoria ranked best place to live in Arizona by Money Magazine

PEORIA, Ariz. (KSAZ) - Peoria is the best city to live in Arizona according to Money Magazine.

The magazine recently evaluated 583 cities across the country with Peoria coming in at 29th overall and number one in Arizona.

"The schools are good," said one resident. "I went to Peoria, my daughter went to Centennial so all the schools are good."

The magazine looked at things like graduation rates, quality of life, low crime rate, booming job growth and cost of living.

"I like it because it's more of a small town atmosphere," said Tina. "It's growing a lot out north and just everywhere."

Another factor, arts and entertainment, and according to Money Magazine, Peoria doesn't have a shortage of either.

People who live in the area tell us there's a reason they stay. Even those who just work in the area agree. Peoria is a great place to be.

"The Starbucks and the QT's that they put up make it really convenient," said Izeke from Glendale. "I'm a mover so it makes it convenient for us in the mornings when we're stopping to get food and coffee and stuff. Peoria is a cool place."