Peoria stepping up to help small businesses impacted by coronavirus pandemic

A West Valley city is doing what they can to support local businesses during the coronavirus crisis.

As the crisis continues, a big challenge for restaurants is to make sure people know they are open. In Peoria, signs are being distributed to restaurants as a way to tell others that the restaurant is open.

With many small businesses already struggling to get customers in their door, having a sign can make it that much easier.

One of the restaurants that have received a sign from the City of Peoria is Bibiana's Mexican Restaurant. The sign reads "pick-up and delivery available."

"It is awesome that small restaurants like us, hidden in the corner of a shopping center," said owner Paula Rascon. "There are other restaurants in the shopping center that are closed, so there is not as much traffic. This is awesome. It is helping tremendously."

It's all part of a program created by the City of Peoria and partners to help businesses promote themselves. A task force of volunteers, city leaders and small business owners was creted to come up with the idea and deliver the signs.

In addition, more than 2,000 goody bags were distributed. Businesses will give them to patroms as a way to encourage them to support local.

"When COVID-19 happened and we realized the effect it would have on our small business community, we were quick to form a task force of all these different resources plus community leaders to identify the best ways we can help build momentum," said Kristin Slice, Senior Program Manager with the Arizona State University Entrepreneurship and Innovation Team.

The signs are free of charge, and the city is passing out over 200 of them.

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