PHILIP BRAILSFORD TRIAL: Mesa detective returns to the stand

The trial for a former Mesa Police officer, charged with murder, continued Monday.

Philip Brailsford is facing a second degree murder charge, in the 2016 death of Daniel Shaver.

On Monday, two big questions were asked:

The answers, however, were not clear.

"We get good statements soon after, there have also been studies that show they have a better recollection later," said Detective Paul Sipe, who returned the stand, after a witness said that Shaver, 26, was pleading for his life moments before he was shot and killed by police on the 5th floor of the La Quinta Inn in Mesa.

Sipe said that none of the officers on scene made mention to that. Prosecutors made clear concerns over an hours-long gap between the shooting before being interviewed by detectives.

Contradictions over police commands, in the moments prior, led to questions on whether anyone had heard commands.

"Someone did hear the commands and relayed that they heard what was being said," said Sipe.

Sipe also confirmed that no one checked the other rooms on the 5th floor, to see if there was anyone in the rooms that heard what was going on.

If convicted, Brailsford could be sentenced to 10 to 25 years in prison.