Phoenix Ability Center rolls out Valley's 1st 3D parking aisle

People who use wheelchairs sometimes face a bit of a challenge when they need to find parking, and to help with that, the Phoenix Ability Center is rolling out the Valley's first-ever 3D accessible parking aisle.

"Sometimes, you've got to change is up to get people to think about it a little bit more," Duane Hall said.

Whether you're rushing in or out, pulling into just any parking spot can sometimes be out of sight, out of mind for those who don't face the same struggles.

"We've had the hash marks for so long, so people just don't see anything different," Hall said. "They're just used to doing what they're doing."

Phoenix Ability Center and parent company, Bruanability, partnered up for National Disability Employment Awareness Month and rolled out a new design, making parking easier for the disabled.

"We were wanting something that's going to stand out, so they literally re-did the access aisle with this professional artist, so that kind of created that 3D dimensional effect almost as though it's popping off the pavement," said Lenny Ovadia, general manager of the Phoenix Ability Center.

Finding accessible parking isn't the only issue, but the design was also created to bring more attention to other drivers to park in the proper spot.

"People, for whatever reason say, 'oh well, I'm only going to be here for five minutes. I'm just going to park here for five minutes. I'll be gone in a second,'" Domonic Corradin said. "Or they say that they don't notice it. How do you not notice bright blue lines or yellow lines? So hopefully, this will gain that attention and avoid people from parking there. It's raising awareness for people to not park in the lines or in handicap spaces," Corradin said. "Just to be aware that this is not a place. It's not a parking spot."