Phoenix Chamber of Commerce: Make us your new headquarter location, Amazon

The city of Phoenix is attempting to win the bid for Amazon's newest facility that'll offer 50,000 high-paying jobs for the next ten to fifteen years.

Amazon is looking for three main requirements: the city must have more than one million people living in it, there has to be an international airport with direct access to Seattle, and the public transportation system needs to be well developed.

"Arizona has a rapidly growing tech sector, a number of universities, as well as a community college system that are producing top tech talent," said Jennifer Mellor, the Vice President of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

Mellor says Arizona is where Amazon's second headquarters location needs to be.

"We do have a great cost of living here in Arizona, and very accessible transportation with the international option at Sky Harbor, as well as our light rail option," Mellor said.

She says the valley, a place Amazon already calls home to their distribution site, meets many of their requirements.

"It's always a great opportunity to attract new companies to our region that not only builds on our current economic abilities, but it also helps support our existing businesses in the community," Mellor said.

And the desert proves to have enough space for the new center that would be about 180 football fields.

"We've got lots of room throughout the valley and you look anywhere around and we have lots of sites that would be prime locations for this," Mellor said.

Mellor says if Arizona takes to Phoenix, it'd be a win-win for everybody.