Phoenix city leaders ask people to protest peacefully ahead of third night of demonstrations

Phoenix city leaders like Mayor Gallego and Police Chief Jeri Williams had a message for everyone who demonstrated on Friday night and for those who will come back for the third night of protests: exercise your right, but do so peacefully.

Friday night's demonstration began following a vigil for Dion Johnson in Eastlake Park, who was shot and killed by a DPS trooper on May 25.

Video captured by SkyFOX late Friday night show some protesters breaking windows at some businesses, and some trying to break into buildings near the Phoenix Police headquarters.

According to Phoenix Police, various properties, including windows and doors to municipal and private businesses, have been broken. Cars were reportedly damaged as well, and a fire was also seen burning at a multi-story garage.

A total of 18 locations had reported damage, ranging from broken windows to graffiti.

On Saturday, FOX 10 saw a number of posts on social media of people saying they were going to "burn the city to the ground tonight," a message that's horrifying for anyone.

City officials and community leaders held a news conference Saturday afternoon, pleading for calm.

At the news conference, Chief Williams said police will not tolerate what happened Friday night at Saturday night's demonstration.

"I love Phoenix. It's where I was born, it's where I live. And I know that we can all do better and want to peacefully allow demonstrators to share their message without destroying the city we all call home. As a woman of color, I understand, I empathize, I sympathize with the pain the community is involved in and the important call the mayor mentioned for change," Chief Williams said. "But let's not allow that message to overshadow this by criminal activity. The role of the police department is to protect the safety and security of all members of the community. But to be clear, as we defend the right for demonstrators to share their message, we will not tolerate criminal activity."

Williams asks that protesters stay peaceful, but if criminal behavior happens again, police will take action.