Phoenix first-responders escort fallen officers children to school

The children of a fallen Phoenix Police Officer were greeted by several first responders as they walked to school Monday.

Phoenix Police Officers and Firefighters lined up outside Terramar Elementary School to honor Travis Murphy's kids as they walked into their first day of school. Murphy was killed in the line of duty five years ago; he left behind his wife Danielle and two children.

"They said I would never walk alone, and they would always be with us, and five years later they're still with us, so it is a nice feeling to know we are still not alone," said Danielle Murphy.

Sergeant Jacqui Wagaman was Travis Murphy's direct supervisor on the night he was killed.

"I personally made the promise, as well as a lot of other officers, that just because daddy's gone doesn't mean he's gone from up here, we still love him, we still miss him, and we still want to help them get through every day life," said Sgt. Wagaman.

Kody was just two weeks old at the time and is now starting kindergarten. Kaylee is going into second grade.

"They said who are all these people, do they know daddy? And I said yes they do, they're all of daddy's friends," said Danielle.

Sharon Weiser runs the school and says it was an honor to have the officers greet the children.

"Because it's what is right for kids and his family, it shows the community and his family how everybody comes together to help one another," said Sharon Weiser.

It's a promise made by Travis' fellow officers, that the Murphy family will always have fellow officers by their side, even on the first day of school.

"Birthdays, family get togethers, anything that is family related, because they're our family, same as yous.

Travis was shot ten times after confronting a man who fled the scene from a shots fired call earlier that night. He was just 29-years-old.