Phoenix haunted mansion seeking scary recruits

It may not be Halloween yet, but here at the 13th Floor, they're already starting to look for dozens of new employees and you really need to be someone who loves to, you know, scare people.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my nightmare.

Baron Crow and all of his friends have done this whole "haunted mansion" thing before. The only problem right now is that they need more of this.

One hundred people willing to get paid to freak everyone out.

"We're looking for people who just want to have fun, honestly, very active people, to people that may be even shy and they pull that whole little timid, and then we teach them to pop and get scary," said Jacob Redwood, manager of the 13th Floor. "It's really somebody that has a lot of energy and is willing to just let loose and have a good time."

If you're interested, auditions are every Monday at 7 p.m. right here at the 13th Floor.

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