Phoenix man falls victim to 'porch pirate'

After a busy Prime Day on Amazon, a lot of packages are being delivered all across the Valley. A fact that would-be thieves are also well aware of.

One Valley man recently experienced how a "porch pirate" works.

It happened on Tuesday, at a home near Greenway and Tatum. On Thursday, Phoenix Police confirming that the female suspect, whose act was captured on video, has been arrested, but that because of medical reasons, the suspect is currently being evaluated at a hospital.

The man, who only wants to be identified as "Wayne", was at work when he got an alert on his phone that there was motion detected on his security cameras, located in the front of his home. That alert came afer an earlier alert that a USPS postal worker was dropping off a package Wayne was expecting.

The woman was caught on surveillance video walking to Wayne's mailbox and taking his mail, while leaving a flyer.

"The first thing is you get a cold shiver because you realize a crime has been committed," said Wayne. "I didn't go to the anger stage immediately. I couldn't believe it. There was a little bit of shock involved and then that started to change, then I started to become angry."

The package contained shoe laces for Wayne's son.

"It was elastic shoelaces," said Wayne. "Special shoelaces, because my kid keeps breaking his shoelaces when he tries to tie them. It's my property and it could have been something else. Then I started to think more and more about it and there's a feeling of violation because someone took your property."

The investigation is ongoing and charges are pending.