Phoenix police brings Christmas joy to Hacienda Healthcare

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Each year, the Phoenix Police Department looks forward to a visit at Hacienda Healthcare.

"They're limited in their ability to interact, but we still want to see those smiles and that little bit of movement and interaction really kind of makes it worth it, so we leave here refreshed and ready to hit the streets and give back to the community," Sgt. Vince Lewis said.

It's a steadfast tradition that started around this time decades ago, officers responded to a fire at the facility and noticed there was something missing -- the spirit of Christmas.

"What it is, is an opportunity for us as Phoenix Police officers to give back," Sgt. Lewis said. "We have that spirit of service every year, but this is a special event that recharges our batteries and refreshes our spirit of service and we look forward to it!"

The outpouring of love and support sweeps the building of every dry eye, bringing joy to every patient, while leaving their loved ones with grateful hearts.

"These officers don't have to be here," James Molineaux said. "They risk their lives everyday as it is and then to take their time to come here and see these kids is just awesome!"