Phoenix Police Department continues to see recruits amid calls for police reform

After weeks of protests and now a movement to defund police departments, how do you recruit people to become cops in a time like this?

In Arizona, the Phoenix Police Department says recruitment numbers are actually up, indicating people are still interested in becoming a police officer for the city of Phoenix.

"These are moments that have been a little bit more difficult, most certainly this is something that we are continuously doing as a department," said Det. Luis Samuido with the Phoenix Police Department.

He's not hiding the fact that these times are difficult for departments across the nation.

"You have to understand that we’re all seeing these challenges that are happening or occurring around the country, but we as Phoenix Police Department, we still stand very proud. We have a lot of support from our leadership and want to make sure we're all in good understanding and developing great relationships not only with our applicants, but also great relationships with several community leaders that are very supportive of our department," he said.

Despite those challenges, the hope to become a Phoenix Police Officer is still of interest to many.

Just Wednesday, 140 people were testing to work for the department. The number is typically higher, but due to COVID-19, it's been down.

Another thing the department is looking for is diversity.

"Statistically, we are really low with female officers and so are other agencies around the country so we’re constantly trying to motivate and encourage young ladies to apply ...," Samuido said.

The next test to become a police officer is in July and you can find more information here: