Phoenix Sky Harbor sees busy travel weekend following Thanksgiving

The busiest travel weekend of the year is coming to an end. While the numbers of those flying is significantly down this year, millions of Americans boarded flights this week.

Michael and Carole Coe flew out of Sky Harbor Sunday morning after the Thanksgiving holiday to head to back to San Diego.

"We feel it’s a necessity," Michael said. "This could be the last time we see our friends just with their age and everything, so we’ve been isolating ourselves, social distancing, doing all of the proper procedures - so we felt we had to put it in balance to see our friends."

The pair says they've been taking the necessary measures to stay safe.

"We’re using our masks, using our hand sanitizer, cotton gloves...and washing my hands, being safe, taking precautions," said Carole.

The Coes aren't alone. The Sunday after Thanksgiving is a very busy travel day historically - even this year, despite the CDC saying people shouldn't travel over the Thanksgiving weekend.

According to TSA numbers, Wednesday was the week's peak, with more than one million people traveling.

It’s significantly more than what has been seen this year, but it's only about a third of the travel numbers recorded at the same time last year.

TSA travel numbers at Sky Harbor for the Thanksgiving weekend.

Sunday's travel numbers will not be released until next week, but Sky Harbor anticipates about half of the normal pre-COVID amount.

For those choosing to travel, the airport now offers COVID-19 testing inside.

Carole and Michael Coe got tested before arriving at the airport.

"We want to be careful for the elderly couple we're going to visit and be safe ourselves," said Carole.

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