Pit bull saves miniature poodle with blood transfusion

Officials with Arizona Humane Society say a miniature poodle and an 83 lb pit bull are now good friends, after the pit bull gave the poodle a blood transfusion.

According to a statement, the poodle, named "Roxie", was anemic and infected with tick when she arrived at the Humane Society. She was reportedly so weak, that she cannot stand on her own. The pit bull, named Tank, gave blood to Roxie, thanks to a highly skilled veterinarian.

By the end of the night, Humane Society officials said Roxie was able to stand, and Tank remained by Roxie's side during the ensuing two days.

While a friendship has developed, Humane Society officials noted the pair will more than likely end up going their separate ways, as Tank is currently available for adoption, while Roxie is heading off to a foster home on Thursday to further her recovery.