Police arrest man in preacher murder case; still searching for second suspect

It was a brutal murder, a Phoenix pastor shot and killed by two men who broke into his home. His roommate was robbed and struck with a gun.

But there has been a break in the case, Phoenix Police arrested one man, and they are still searching for a second suspect who is on the loose.

The pastor worked in the heart of Phoenix, helping people with a tough past. Many in the public have been wondering for weeks if the suspects could be people the pastor once served.

28-year-old Jesse Armondo Monroy was arrested by police, they say he is one of the two men behind the murder of Pastor Jack Moriarty.

Moriarty served those most wouldn't dare to help; addicts, convicts, and sex offenders at the redeemed outreach center.

"We do not recognize the suspect, and no one here in the program recognized him, so we don't believe at this point that he came out of our programs," said Pastor Jerry Savocchio.

Pastor Savocchio says everyone at the center is relieved police made an arrest.

"We are really happy that a suspect has been found for Pastor Jack's wife Juanita, for us as well I know it is helping us with closure," he said.

But Phoenix Police are still investigating and have released a sketch of the second suspect. Detectives say Monroy, and the second suspect, broke into Moriarty's home near 20th Avenue and Monroe Street.

When authorities arrived, they found Moriarty shot and killed, and the suspects gone. Now loved ones have a message for the suspect still out there.

"The community, our homes suffered a big loss, turn yourself in, let us get this over with," said Savocchio.

If anyone has information on the murder, you are asked to call Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.