Stillwater police shoot and kill 'active shooter' suspect

Stillwater police shot and killed a man during what they describe as an active shooter scene at an apartment complex, a scene that nearly brought the police chief to tears.

According to Stillwater Police Chief Brian Mueller, at about 2:20 p.m. authorities received a call for an unknown medical. Then received multiple calls of shots fired, with the suspect firing many rounds inside and outside the Curve Crest Villas apartment complex. 

The scene was described as an "active shooter" scene, and when police arrived they took fire. A squad car was hit, Mueller said. Officers started firing back, killing the suspect, who they’re not identifying publicly yet.

Fear filled this Stillwater neighborhood in the middle of a Saturday afternoon.

"Did hear shots going off, at least five or six shots, and then we didn’t know anything else after that, but tons of sirens," said neighbor Janet Chabot.

"The suspect shot many, many rounds inside and outside of the location," said Mueller. "He actually hurt several individuals prior to our arrival."

Ambulances took at least two other people to nearby hospitals, but the chief didn’t have updates on their conditions Saturday night. No officers were injured. 

A gas line was also struck by a bullet. The gas was turned off to get the line fixed. 

Both Mueller and people who live nearby said the shooting came as a frightening surprise, especially in a neighborhood known for youth sports activity.

"I have little grandkids that play out here," said neighbor Kathleen Fletcher. "So, it’s pretty scary for me."

"I’m a parent," said Chief Mueller. "I’m a resident. And it’s very scary. I’m scared for what my officers faced. I’m scared for what the residents faced. I’m proud of how they responded, but it definitely hits home and this isn’t something that happens in Stillwater."

And it really doesn’t. The chief told FOX9 his city had zero homicides all of last year.

Mueller called this a "large scale" crime scene. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is investigating the incident and is expected to hold the scene into Sunday morning, Mueller said. 

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Police fatally shot a shooter at an apartment complex in Stillwater on Saturday, March 4.  (FOX 9)