Poll on Arizona: Sheriff Arpaio loses popularity in Maricopa County

"We see polls like this all the time, it's a Democrat firm, a Democrat front group," said Chad Willems.

FOX 10 spoke with customers at a valley barber shop, asking them about Sheriff Arpaio.

"I like the Sheriff because he does his job, and I don't know why people are mad he does his job, but I also think he has gotten belligerent," said Thomas Mowry.

"He cancels out his good work by being belligerent and hardheaded," he said.

So does he think Arpaio will be re-elected? "No," he replied.

In downtown Phoenix there is more concern.

"He is pretty tough, I agree with a lot of things, I am very conservative and I do not like what I've been reading, he is not following the law in some areas," said Christine Jacobs.

The Sheriff's campaign team calls the poll a mere snapshot in time, and says they're not concerned.

"We're confident at the end of the day, once the trial is over, and the Sheriff gets his message out, he will be succesful next November," said Willems.

Arpaio who will turn 83 next month was first elected Sheriff in 1992. He plans to run for a 7th term next year.