Potential buyers gather for collector car auction at the Biltmore

Car collectors from across the world gathered at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix on Wednesday for a collector car auction.

For 2020, the rarest luxury car is expected to fetch up to $7 million. However, that doesn't mean all of the cars will be in the millions.

Some cars at the auction had a story to tell.

One particular car at the auction is a white 1937 Mercedes that was lost and hidden in a garage for decades.

"The whereabouts of this car were not known for many, many years," said Alain Squindo with RM Sotheby's.

The interior of the car is straight from another century. 

"It's incredibly pure, well-sorted, and it's a stunning example," said Squindo. "This is a museum right here for all intense and purposes."

The old Mercedes, valued at $1 million to $1.5 million, is one of 150 stunning cars up for grabs at the RM Sotheby's 21st annual Arizona auction

One of the people inspecting cars at the show is Miguel Llorente from Spain. He said he'll make a play for a car.

"I love Mercedes to death," said Llorente.

Tim Scott lives closer to Phoenix than Llorente. He travelled to the Valley from Chicago.

"I think its the best of all the auctions," said Scott.

Some of the headliners at the auction include a rare Ferrari that could fetch $6 million to $7 million

"It's fast, it's beautiful, it's red, it's everything you want a Ferrari to be," said Squindo.

One person, Jack Rubenstein, brought in something special all the way from Brazil: a replica 1954 Jaguar.

"All the details, the mirrors, the glasses, the leather inside," said Rubenstein, who is with a company named Big Little Cars.

Families can come and enjoy the sights until Friday. Some cars at the auction are expected to go for $20,000 or more.