Rain forecast on Valentine's Day forces restaurants to try and keep guests (and food) dry

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Part of the Valley's winter bragging rights include the ability to dine outdoors in February. Valentine's evening is a big night, and restaurants with patios are often booked up. The forecast for rain, however, is certainly forcing many of them to scramble for options.

Timing is everything, and restaurants that rely on an outdoor patio or garden space are certainly not thrilled to be dealing with rain on Valentines Day

"So this year, we were checking the weather non-stop," said Ashley Oakes Scott with The Farm at South Mountain.

The Farm at South Mountain is one of the outdoor venues that is moving quickly to Plan B, due to a forecast for rain.

"So, the umbrellas will be throughout here, so when they walk in, they will not be getting rained on," said Oakes-Scott.

The quintessential patio garden literally has Valentine's Day covered.

"We have tents for the chefs and the guests while they are waiting," said Oakes-Scott.

Tents also have been erected, so the food will not get a drop of rain while moving from the kitchen to the table.

"We have all the couples still want to sit out on the patio, so this whole thing is full, the entire night, Valentine's Day," said Oakes-Scott.

So far, despite the forecast, Oakes-Scott said no one has cancelled, adding that some think the rain may not ruin Valentine's Day, but improve it.

"If they play their cards right, it could be more romantic. With the right date, you can enjoy it," said one woman.