Renters cry foul over plan to demolish complex

It is not the kind of notice anyone wants to find on their apartment door.

A valley couple says they got a letter last Monday saying they have to vacate by next month.

A big developer has plans for the Phoenix property, the couple says they need more time, and more money to find a place to rent for their family.

"We have open space, three bedrooms, two bathrooms," said Rebecca Shelton.

Monthly rent for the Phoenix apartment near 16th Street and Bethany Home Road is $780 a month. Rebecca Shelton moved in with her boyfriend and children in April, signing a six month lease through October of this year.

Now Shelton says, on little notice, Bethany Biltmore Apartments has been sold, and they've been told they have until August 21, to vacate.

"Sad, angry, confused that they're going to demolish it on the 21st of next month, and they kept pushing and making sure we were out on the 21st," said Shelton.

Shelton and her boyfriend are now scrambling to find a place they can afford in the same area of Central Phoenix where the kids go to school. They say it is going to be tough on such short notice to come up with the money to relocate.

"We've found places that are just going to cost us $3,000 to $5,000 for the first and last month's rent," she said.

FOX 10 spoke with Barron Properties which bought the complex, and they are planning a housing development there. The Colorado based developer owns 7 other apartment communities around the valley and says they are working with the few tenants that still live in the 40 unit complex, and will do the right thing.

"It's textbook, it's money, they want it, they want this property, it's a great location," said Shelton.