Rescue needs help for emaciated pit bull with severe medical issues

With just days left to live, a pit bull on the kill list was rescued from a local shelter. However, Zoe still needs surgery and severe medical attention before she's out of the woods.

7-year-old Zoe is lavishing in the attention her new foster mom is giving her.

Up until a few days ago, her situation was very different.

"I got a message on Friday, a week ago this Friday, that there was a dog on the county euthanasia list that was very skinny and needed help," said Rachel Nunez.

Nunez, founder of the Pitty Paws Bully Rescue quickly learned that Zoe was emaciated. She had been living on the street and was in dire need of severe medical attention.

"She weighed 38 pounds and was supposed to be 85 pounds, had an infected uterus and a very, very low red blood cell count. They weren't sure she was going to be able to make it through the night," said Nunez.

"We set up camp downstairs and we laid out blankets and made sure that we gave her a lot of love and attention and cuddled and touched her and gave her some light massage so she was able to relax," said Suzanne Deutsch.

Deutsch has been caring for Zoe by administering antibiotics and feeding her a high calorie nutrient dense diet to improve her health.

In turn, the pit bull has put on six pounds, but the infection that plagues her is still looming.

The rescue is reaching out and asking for help to pay for Zoe's operation.

"Infections happen, but this one was let out of control. The infection spread so much that her whole uterus and all needs to taken out and cleaned out just lack of care," said Nunez.

"This morning I was thinking about--I don't know how people can do that, I don't know how people can let an animal out on the street or let them go or leave them locked up. I don't understand that," said Deutsch.

It's believed Zoe was once someone's pet. The circumstances that made her homeless are unknown, but her rescuers do know that the sweet loveable pup is growing stronger and more curious every day.

They are hopeful surgery will save her life.

"She's a fighter and she's going to make it. I told them if she made it through the first night, she's going to make it," said Nunez.

The Pitty Paws Bully Rescue plans to hold a fundraiser this week.

The hope is that Zoe will be adopted once she recovers.