Retired Navy nurse holds museum of memorabilia

A retired Navy nurse is taking care of a decades-old collection detailing the history of her fellow service-women.

"This group started in 1991 while I was working at Luke Air Force Base," says Barbara Meegan, retired Navy chief. "I worked until '99."

Meegan was a member of Cactus Waves Unit 114. Her job was to collect and keep the stories of all the members.

There are four volumes of three binder books, from official documents to photos to poems.

"I'd like to have somebody store it properly, probably from the State Department if I could," says Meegan.

"It's for people to look at and to see that we didn't sit on our duffs for millions of years," she says. "It's to show them that we did serve and we served them."

The Cactus Waves chapter has closed, but the memories must live on, says Meegan. The rest, as they say, is history.