Retired police dog rescued after getting stuck in park bench

A Labrador, who had gained a few pounds after retiring from service as a police dog, had to be rescued from a park bench in Beijing, China, on June 6.

Owner Wang Mingyu filmed the video, which showed a group of people attempting different ways to pull the animal out of the park bench.

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The owner told Storyful that Xiaozhuang loved to rest on the park bench but had slipped through the gap by accident.

The clip, which went viral on social media, showed the poor pooch unable to free its body from the gap between the seat and the backrest.

“How does it slip through the gap?” a woman can be heard saying in the video while the dog is being carefully pulled out.

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The owner wrote in the caption of the video, “At the moment I’m afraid and worrying. But when I watch this video back, I think it’s so embarrassing. I don’t mind it’s fat but it is also dumb. Sigh!”

According to AsiaOne, the owner said the they are currently trying to feed the dog less to help it lose weight and avoid humiliation in the future.

The dog did not appear to be harmed or injured during the rescue.

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Storyful contributed to this report.