Saguaro High School Robotics club successfully petitioned school board to make it a class

Saguaro High School robotics club students have been hard at work the past few years. However, the students wanted to make the club more accessible to all students so they came up with an idea.

"The kids proposed a challenge to the superintendent to make this a class so they could get credit for it and probably about six weeks later, the superintendent came back and said we accept this challenge and we are going to make it a class," said Susan Lindberg, a Saguaro High School robotic coach.

The school board unanimously agreed.

The classes are now a part of the curriculum this school year at three other high school's in the district.

"It's really important. I've been doing robotics since eighth grade and it's always just been an after school class or an after school club. And now that it's a class we can get credit for it," said Laney Olson, a robotics club member.

"I think these are the finest kids I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with and I think they're really the future of not just the world, but the industry," said David Zirbel, a Saguaro High School robotic coach.

The robotics classes give the students a hand-on approach to engineering and robotics.

"Robotics is pretty much anything now, in any industry, and it just gives them a lot of real world experience," Lindberg said.

"I think it's awesome because it shows that engineering in young people is becoming more prevalent and I think that's awesome," Olson said.