Schools in the Valley holding recess indoors due to extreme heat

With Wednesday's high around 113° and a heat advisory in effect, it's not safe for children to be on a playground. Plastic and metal parts get way too hot in the sun. Some schools in the Valley are holding recess indoors, including Hancock Elementary in Chandler.

Hancock Elementary Principal Connie Hull says keeping kids cool and safe while temperatures reach triple digits outside is of top priority.

"We think kids learn better when they're moving and have an opportunity to engage and enjoy what they're doing," Hancock said. "Plus we want to keep them safe."

With the mercury rising outside and no relief in sight, they take gym class and recess indoors.

"We follow our guidelines on heat and humidity and if we can't be outside moving, we're inside moving," Hancock said.

Physical education teacher Kyle Hartwig encourages students to prepare for the heat by staying hydrated.

"My whole thing is [definitely] bring water," Hartwig said. "We always allow students to bring water and we always have the water fountain available. The students don't have to ask me, especially in the summer months, if they want to get water."

Hartwig adds protective gear to stay cool is recommended.

"If we do have to go outside, I always tell my kids they're allowed to bring hats and sunglasses and [I] just try to keep them safe from the sun."