Scissors found inside arrested man’s rear end after body scan, deputies say

Scissors recovered from man's anal cavity after body scan. (La Porte County Sheriff’s Office)

Deputies made a peculiar discovery after a required body scan of an arrestee revealed a foreign object inside his anal cavity. 

Lt. Jeff Holt, assistant jail commander of operations at the La Porte County Jail in Indiana, was assisting deputies on May 17 when one of the people arrested refused to have his body scan taken. 

All arrestees are required to go through a "SecurPASS" Body Scan before being booked into jail, according to a Facebook post from the La Porte County Sheriff’s Office. 

The arrestee finally agreed to get the scan and during a review of the images, Holt saw a foreign object lodged inside the man’s anal cavity. 

Because of his many years of training, Holt was able to recognize that the object was metal and escorted the man to another room for an additional search. 

The arrestee was put through a second body scan and the object moved to a position which made it easier to positively identify as scissors. 

The scissors were removed without incident. 

"The body scanner is an incredible state of the art tool used to ensure the safety and security of all within the La Porte County Jail. Lieutenant Holt is commended for relying upon his training and experience, and successfully preventing a dangerous edged object from making its way fully into the jail," said Captain Derek J. Allen.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.