Scooter the 2 legged dog wonder

He was born with just two legs, a little dog named Scooter, who thanks to a valley rescue organization has no trouble at all scooting around.

The group made him a special cart on wheels to help him get around. The cart is a temporary solution; the organization is hoping to make Scooter a more permanent device he can use.

Scooter was born with a genetic defect, leaving him wit just two tiny stumps instead of front legs. He's not a candidate for prosthetics, so he's learning to walk on his two hind legs, and push himself using a custom made cart.

12-week old "Scooter" is off to the races, using just his hind legs to scoot across the floor.

"I call him an inch worm, because he kind of throws his chest forward and lunges with his rear," said Dr. Julie Mayer.

The Llahsa-Poodle mix was born without front legs and surrendered to a shelter as a newborn. Now Pitty Paws Bully Rescue is caring for the pup and taking him to rehab with Dr. Mayer.

"We want to try to have him do some form of locomotion because what's going to happen is he can get lesions on his chest just from scooting around," said Dr. Mayer.

Braced inside an inflatable tube, Scooter is not learning to walk using just his two hind legs. A spoonful of peanut butter is an attractive lure as Scooter learns to walk, one step at a time.

Scooter's also learning to push himself on a custom made cart. He shied away from FOX 10's cameras, but a Facebook video shows his amazing progress.

"He's in the permit stage of getting his drivers license, so he's doing well," she said.

When Scooter is fully grown he will need a permanent, larger cart. Pitty Paws Bully Rescue is hoping someone will step forward to make him one. If you'd like to help Scooter or the rescue visit: