Scottsdale girl never gives up on dancing dream after leg amputation

A Scottsdale girl would not let her prosthetic leg keep her from her dreams as she captured the attention of a national dance competition.

Now, 12-year-old Abriel Bentley is cruising her neighborhood streets on her prize. A brand new bike.

She says the judges were moved to tears. "They said it was between two people, and the judges cried when they saw my dance," Bentley said.

She was diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of seven, just as she was learning how to ride a bike.

"I learned how to ride my bike and I was super happy and then I got cancer and then they said I couldn't ride my bike and I was like, 'I just learned how to ride my bike,'" Bentley said.

Her leg was amputated and she has been cancer-free ever since. She's never stopped dancing. 

She entered the Penta Medical Recycling Dance Challenge and took first place, winning an electric bike, something she's always wanted.

She doesn't look at herself as disabled, she says. She looks at herself as "enhanced."