Woman walking to work returns found money to newlyweds

It's a question that has come up multiple times: If you came upon a bag containing nearly $15,000, what would you do with it? One woman experienced that very scenario recently, and what she did may restore some's faith in humanity. Reporter Dave Spencer has more.

Northern Arizona single dad gets keys to home

A unique partnership between the Arizona Lottery and Habitat for Humanity made home ownership possible for the single father, who was one of more than 650 families in the Flagstaff area who applied for the affordable home. FOX 10's Ellen McNamara reports.

Mississippi police officer hailed as hero after saving baby's life

Body camera video taken in September 2022 and only recently released by police shows a officer in Oxford, Mississippi running up to a baby and helping to dislodge an item that was stuck in the baby's throat. Officials are encouraging residents to vote for the officer to receive an award that recognizes first responders who go above and beyond the call of duty.